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    The Best Top 29 First Dance Songs For Your Wedding

    Finding that first dance song is never easy. Some songs may fit one personality, but you want something that represents you both. Maybe you have a song that you fell in love to, when you first met or had your first kiss. From classic to contemporary, romantic to sappy, rock and roll to country to rap – it’s your day, it’s your song. Below are our top 29 picks for a first dance – not 30, just 29.  Our first dance song was Love Me Crazy by Moonshine Collective and we were lucky enough to have them at our wedding. What song did you chose for your first dance?

    1. Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake

    2. “At Last,” Etta James – sung by Beyonce 

    3. You & I – John Legend 

    4. All of Me – John Legend

    5. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

    6. Simply the best – Noah Reid

    7. Stand By Me – Tracey Chapman

    8. Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

    9. New York – Alicia Keys

    10. Love me crazy – Moonshine Collective

    11. Meant to Be – Bebe Rexha (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

    12. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri –
    13. Amazed – Lonestar

    14. One More Try – George Michael 

    15. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – George Michael

    16. You’re My Best Friend – Queen

    17. Better Together – Jack Johnson

    18. Yours – Ella Henderson

    19. You Are The Best Thing – James TW 

    20. Marry Me – Train

    21. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding 

    22. You Are The Reason – Calum Scott

    23. Home – Michael Bublé 

    24. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra 

    25. The Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw, Faith Hill 

    26. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

    27. Someone Like You – Van Morrison 

    28. No one – Alicia Keys

    29. “Marry Me” – Jason Derulo

    Let us know in the comments below what song you chose for your first dance.

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    The Wedding Registry: Exciting Places To Register For The Big Day

    Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

    If you’ve recently become engaged, congratulations! Check out our wedding registry guide below of exciting places for you to navigate and register for gifts, making gifting easy—for you and your guests. Don’t be shy, your friends and family want to give you whatever will make you smile. Keep checking back too, this list is continually updated with new and exciting places to register.

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    Signature Drink: Fig & Honey Martini

    Fig & Honey Martini

    Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

    Trivia: Did you know that 43 percent of weddings will take place from late September to November?

    That’s a whole lot of drinking! Wine and beer are fine, but couples increasingly are offering a signature drink at their reception, and creating yet one more wedding decision to make, ‘
    What signature drink should we serve at our fall themed wedding reception?’.

    Well, I can now offer a tasty solution. I was watching WeddingWire’s Creative Director, Jeffra Trumpower, on the
    Today Show and she mentioned a new fall favorite — the Fig & Honey Martini. Talk about ‘fall’-ing in love with fruit. – I am all over this one. One, I love figs and really, to be honest, any drink that sounds like dessert – I’m all in.

    Clearly I am no bartender, but I am so willing to jump in and give it a shake. Here’s a recipe I found that I thoroughly enjoyed…a few times…all trial and error for the sake of perfection.

    • 8 ounces vodka
    • 2 ounces elderflower flavored liqueur
    • 6 ounces apple juice
    • 1/4 cup honey thyme syrup (below)
    • 4 fresh figs, halved*
    • 4 sprigs fresh thyme

    Add the vodka, elderflower flavored liquor, apple juice, honey syrup and figs to a cocktail shaker. Using a muddler (A
    muddler is a bartender’s tool, used like a pestle, and mash—or muddle—the figs, and add to the shaker. Add ice. Replace the top on the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into 4 martini glasses. Garnish with figs and fresh thyme.

    Honey Thyme Syrup

    • 1 cup honey
    • 4 sprigs fresh thyme

    In a small saucepan combine the honey, 1 cup of water, and the thyme. Bring to a low boil and then reduce the heat to low. Simmer 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool completely before using.

    *If fresh figs are not available, 2 teaspoons of fig preserves can be used. Just make sure to stir the preserves until incorporated and then strain.

    And on a healthy note, figs are nutritional powerhouses loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients like B vitamins, calcium and potassium. Figs and honey have been shown to do everything from calm stomach troubles to lower blood pressure (and don’t we all need to lower our blood pressure just a little bit). Figs are also thought to have a high amount of Vitamin B5 which makes them so amazing for the skin. So no matter how you slice the fig they make the perfect cocktail!

    I feel healthier already. Don’t you?

    Now, I bet you’re wondering ‘
    What am I going to pour this amazing martini into?’. Well, Taylor Street can help you with that. Below are a few suggestions that will take your martini up a notch. I’ve created a search link as well for a great selection of Martini Glasses. Click here.

    Stemless Martini Glasses by Viski | Item No. 7394 | $18.88 | The minimalist design of these lead free crystal glasses adds a modern vibe to an iconic drink. Available in sets of two, these also make an excellent gift to add to a home bar collection.

    Of course you’re going to need a napkin to place those Fig & Honey martinis on. Share the merrymaking with this Martini Glasses Printed Napkin, offered in multiple color options to add a pop to any party.

    Martini Glasses Printed Napkins | Item No. 438 | $19.98 | Foil Printed Personalized Paper Napkins. Cheers! Perfect for any festive occasion, this design features two martini glasses clinking in celebration.

    We’d love to hear about your Fig and Honey Martini experience. Send us a comment below, tell us on
    FacebookInstagram us your Martini (#TaylorStreetLife) or send us a tweet. Right now, I am off to shake up another good ol’ fashioned healthy fig & honey martini. You know, for my skin. Cheers!

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    Please, no belt. Love, Suspenders

    Classic Suspenders | Autumn Harvest Design | Brown

    I am going to start this off with the golden rule of suspenders. Don’t wear a belt!

    First off, it’s redundant. Second, it’s unflattering and third, it’s redundant.  No good can come from wearing suspenders and a belt at the same time – it’s just plain wrong.

    Now let’s get to the good stuff…questions like: Suspenders are appropriate for which occasions? What are the right type of suspenders? Are there different ways to wear suspenders? X or Y back?

    Last question first: We say Y-back. Because Y-back suspenders are considered more up-to-date and on-trend. The top choice of suspender aficionados.

    Now that the X vs Y back is settled. Let’s start with the types of suspenders.

    Button-On Suspenders

    Formal Suspenders | Royal Sapphire Design | Navy
    Item No. 8505 | JJ Suspenders

    Style: Business and Formal

    Required: Buttons – trousers, pants or jeans that have six rounded buttons hidden along the inside of the waistband for the suspender’s loops to button onto.  Where are the buttons? In the back, they are located on the inside of the waistband, about 2 ½ ­to 3 inches apart, 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches on each side of the center seam – and 1″  below the top of the waistband. In the front you will find them inside the waistband about an inch down from the top and 2″ apart. If there are no buttons – don’t panic. A tailor will know the correct placement and techniques for adding suspender buttons to your pants for under $20. If you’re buying un-hemmed trousers, just ask the tailor to add the buttons when hemming your pants. If you intend to wear only suspenders with your trousers you can ask the tailor to remove the belt loops. This will give the pants a much cleaner & sophisticated look.

    Clip-On Suspenders

    Leather Suspenders | Chestnut Java Design | Brown
    Leather Suspenders | Chestnut Java Design | Brown
    Item No. 8502 | JJ Suspenders

    Style: Causal

    Required: trousers, pants, jeans, city shorts. Clip-on suspenders are more versatile but definitely more casual. Clip them in the back middle of the waistband, pull them over your shoulders, attach the remaining clips to the front-waistband. Easy – clip them on and go!

    But now you’re thinking But, how do I choose the right width? There really is not a right width so much as a scale: the skinnier the suspender, the more casual the look. Subtle changes in width can dramatically impact the look. At the wider end of the spectrum, suspenders become classic, and ultimately, formal.

    Thin or Wide Suspenders

    Thin ‘skinny’ suspenders, like our Chestnut-Brown Leather Suspenders or our Jet Set Skinny Suspenders, offer up a more trendy and casual appearance. These .75″ wide ‘Skinny’ suspenders can be worn with khakis or jeans and a dress shirt, a t-shirt or over a slim-fitting sweater. Elevating a casual outfit that can be worn out on date night or a night out, streetwear, office casual; even casual weddings. For versatility in fitting keep this in mind — leather suspenders have a front strap that can be loosened or tightened just like a belt: via a buckle and holes.

    Leather Suspenders | Sierra Nevada Design | Dark Tan
    Leather Suspenders | Sierra Nevada Design | Dark Tan
    Item No. 8506 | JJ Suspenders

    Classic ‘modern’ suspenders, like our Autumn Harvest Classic Suspenders, allow for more versatility. Casual to dressy, these 1.15″ wide ‘modern’ suspenders can be worn with dress pants; a suit or tux; nice jeans or khakis. Neither skinny enough to be hugely casual, nor wide enough to be considered formal, these “Goldilocks” suspenders are perfect for t-shirts & khakis or jeans (casual); dress shirt & dress pants (less casual). Wear these to work, weddings (perfect for your groomsmen) or cocktail parties.

    Classic Suspenders | Navy Tides Design | Navy
    Classic Suspenders | Navy Tides Design | Navy
    Item No. 8499 | JJ Suspenders

    Formal ‘traditional’ suspenders, like these Royal Sapphire Formal Suspenders, send the message that you’re in charge. These 1.5″ wide classic ‘traditional’ suspenders are dressy, classy, and formal. Perfect for red carpet events, business settings, weddings and formal occasions. Be sure to pair your suspenders with a quality shirt. For formal events in general, french cuffs are always a great choice. Add some eye catching cufflinks to your look to finish it off.

    Formal Suspenders | Back to Black Design | Black
    Formal Suspenders | Back to Black Design | Black
    Item No. 8501 | JJ Suspenders

    Let’s Button This Up (did you see what I did there?)

    A quick search on the internet will bring you a ton of suspender articles to help you hone your suspender skills. Just remember, suspenders that come with clips allow most pants or shorts in your closet to be suspender-friendly. Suspenders with buttons require more up front work, but are generally a more traditional/dressy look. Whichever way you go with suspenders, you’re making a style statement that is part of a great looking trend that continues to gather momentum.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on suspenders. Tell us what you’ve learned in the comments below.

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    Trish & Greg Tie The Knot in Arroyo Grande, CA

    April 28th, 2018

    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography.
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography
    Trish & Greg | Cheetah Photography


    When did you know you were meant to be together?

    Greg and I were friends in high school but we both had significant others so after graduation in ’08 we broke up with our SO’s and started hanging out more. I actually ended up moving to Fresno for a bit and Greg would drive up every weekend and either take me back to Bakersfield to spend the weekend or stay in Fresno with me. That’s when we knew this was something special!

    Who Proposed To Whom?

    Greg proposed to me.

    How / Where Did You Get Engaged?

    He took me to Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach at sunset to one of the outlooks (where he asked me to be his girlfriend 8 years ago) it was our 8 year anniversary of being together. He said “let’s go closer to the edge I think I see an otter way out there” I walked close, he stayed back and I turned around and there he was on one knee with the ring!

    What was your Wedding Date?

    April 28th 2018


    Cypress Ridge Pavilion in Arroyo Grande, CA.

    Did you have a Coordinator / Planner?

    My mom and I basically took that job over and did everything ourselves but Jodi (day of coordinator at cypress ridge) was my day of and she was amazing!

    Did you have a Theme / Color Scheme in mind or did you wing it?

    We wanted it to be very simple but pretty. We picked a color called silver sage which is beautiful very neutral and then tan and gold for accents!


    Cypress Ridge provided an amazing dinner.

    Did you have a special cake made?

    We did!! It was by Pardon My French in Grover Beach, CA it was simple with a vanilla buttercream outside and the inside was salted Carmel with some gold splatter on the outside.

    If Yes, what was your Cake Topper?

    A gold cursive “ALWAYS” (because I had to incorporate Harry Potter SOMEWHERE in this wedding) 😂.


    Nadine cheetah of Cheetah Photography!! Seriously such an amazing woman and so helpful and fun to be around! I couldn’t have chosen better!


    DJ cheetah (Brian Cheetah Nadine’s husband) also so fun to work with and so into doing what we wanted and not starting us in a different direction even though we had some crazy songs we wanted played!

    What was your song?

    ‘Only one in color’ by TRAPT.


    Lori Boe Florist!! She only made my bouquet the girls bouquets were homemade by my mom.


    Hair was done by Melissa Martinez of Indie Salon in Arroyo Grande and makeup was done by Lindsay Nettleton of Bakersfield!

    Any advice for couples planning weddings today?

    Don’t get too caught up in the planning. There is always going to be things that you can’t control (like the weather) you only get to do this once and planning is so much fun. Enjoy it and make sure you and your fiancé are planning some things together, it makes for awesome memories! Also it’s a little time consuming but I highly recommend making your own playlist. It adds a personal touch!

    What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

    Dancing!! Just looking around at all the people I love in one spot, all here for us, smiles on their faces and just having the time of their life. That was my favorite part!

    Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

    Take it all in! Don’t be stressed. This day goes by so fast. Just enjoy every minute!


    Photographer: Cheetah Photography | Venue: Cypress Ridge Pavilion Cake: Pardon My French in Grover Beach, CA Flowers: Lori Boe Florist | Hair: Melissa Martinez of Indie Salon | Makeup: Lindsay Nettleton | DJ: DJ cheetah

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    Alex & Tristan

    June 24th, 2017

    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography-3
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan | Heather Nguyen Photography
    Alex and Tristan |Heather Nguyen Photography

    Who proposed to whom? Tristan proposed to me on the Santa Barbara Pier on our anniversary.

    Wedding date? June 24, 2017

    Venue? Edwards Barn in Nipomo, CA.

    Edwards Barn is a product of three historic redwood barns on the central coast that were dismantled and reassembled into one by David and Mavi Edwards. A beautiful location filled with rustic and vintage elements. It is truly unique central coast wedding venue located in Nipomo, CA.

    Catering? Edwards Barn also catered our reception.

    Cake? Cakes Cathedral.

    Serving the Central Coast of California, Cakes Cathedral works closely with their clients to create intricate, sculpted masterpieces into a “less is more” confection your guests will love.

    Cake Topper? Plum flowers arranged around an initial K.

    Photographer? Heather Nguyen Photography 😊

    DJ? Dj Solstice.

    Florist? Darlene Romero and Rebecca Arnold.

    Hair/Makeup? Hair – Alyssa Rivas, Makeup – Myshel Gordon.

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    Rustic Weddings; The force is strong with this one…

    Bride in White Dress Sitting on Bales of Straw in a Barn

    It’s not just burlap and mason jars.  As the rustic wedding theme’s popularity snowballs, it is increasingly both an attitude and a style, involving planning as well as purchasing decisions.  Local sourcing, more natural textures & materials, and less fussy, more comfortable decor are the defining elements of today’s rustic weddings. 

    And while barn venues continue to define the quintessential rustic wedding reception, inspired brides & grooms (and their creative planners, florists and bakers!) are designing ever more creative elements to consider (queue Pinterest).  David and I happen to have gotten married in one of THE absolutely most romantic and historic barns in Central California, so we bring a personal as well professional perspective to this rustic wedding decor and favor fever. Here are 12 of our current favorites. 

    Rustic Wedding Decor Good design comes from the heart, not the brain.  So when you think of your ideal rustic wedding decor, find inspiration first — looks that you love — colors and textures that delight you.  

    Rustic Wood and Glass Box with Hinged Lid & Lighted Candle
    Wood and Glass Box  |  Taylor Street Favors

    The best part about this wood and glass box is that it is something you really will want to use at home too!

    White enamel pitcher with wild flowers and purple ribbon on outdoor table.
    French Provencal Style Enamel Pitcher | Taylor Street Favors 

    This enamel pitcher is a simple and casual centerpiece natural.  Add flowers and you are done.  You will want to have this for home use too.

    Rustic Wood Place Card Holders with Place Card 

    I chose these because they are made from real wood. There are less expensive resin birch logs available (we carry the resin ones too), but if your budget can accommodate these, real wood wins the day.

    tonoandco.com Ribbons & Textiles

    If you want to skip the burlap, consider hand dyed silk for your table runners, pocket squares and bouquets.  Janelle Nicole Wylie, the owner of Tono + co. creates beautiful one-of-a-kind hand dyed fabrics.  Awesome.


    Wood Blocks for Guest Book Alternative

    Not only is this a lighthearted wedding guest book alternative, it happily lives on after your wedding day as a game-night essential that will rekindle memories every time you play.  I wish we had thought of this for our wedding — we play this game often and it would have been so easy to set up for guests, either at a reception table or incorporated at each place setting.

    Personalized Leather Guestbook with Kraft Paper

    If you are looking for a more traditional wedding guest book, this one is not only made with natural leather and kraft paper, it looks the part too – refined but not fussy.  Makes a beautiful personalized keepsake.

    Rustic Wedding Favors:  At their best, favors are meant to be a thoughtful way to show your guests your appreciation for participating in your wedding day.  I’ve written about selecting favors here before, so I’ll just refer you to that article from last year here, and leave you a few suggestions of popular rustic favors we love.

    Miniature Galvanized Buckets

    Super cute and truly a miniature version of its workhorse name sake, these galvanized buckets could be filled with just about anything – candy, plants, candles, confetti, crayons – to name a few.

    Miniature Woven Picnic Basket with cinnamon bun and tag tied with purple ribbon
    Miniature Picnic Basket Favors  |  Taylor Street Favors


    Continuing the miniature theme, these picnic basket favors are almost as versatile as the mini-buckets above…and they might even be cuter.  Not shown in the image, they come with a solid lid too, in addition to the double handles and classic woven wicker design.

    Rustic Wood Print Favor Box

    While these card stock wood print boxes have been around awhile, they continue to be very popular — easily customized with our personalized black chalkboard style label, and affordable.

    Rustic Inspired Wedding Gifts – these gifts prove that rustic can be fun too.  

    Personalized Wood Trimmed Flask

    This flask makes a great gift for your entire wedding party – guys & gals both will appreciate this personalized reminder of their participation in your wedding day.

    Personalized Wood Cuff Links with Gift Box

    Available in two finishes – cherry or white oak, these round wood cufflinks with toggle backings in a personalized wood box make gift giving easy.

    Personalized Wood Heart Treasure Box

    Our wood heart treasure box comes in two sizes and can be laser engraved with up to two lines of text.  The inside is bare wood, and the two sizes can be nested, if you want to kick it up a notch and get both.


    Happily Ever After | Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

    Happy rustic wedding planning!

    “First, think. Second, believe. Third, Dream.  And finally, dare”.  -Walt Disney






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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make His Day – no tie needed.

    No ties, no problem!  Taylor Street  has you covered.  Father’s Day is almost here… .

    We celebrate Dads who know every verse of “Wheels on the Bus”.

    Daddy Diaper Bag | $69.90


    Dads who always pretended to listen to everything we had to say.

    When Pigs Fly Cufflinks | $54.95


    Dads who carry pictures where their money used to be.

    Oxford Embossed Tri-fold Leather Wallet | $28.75


    Dads who make it easy to get a Father’s Day gift due to a psychotic love of golf.

    Custom Golf Shoe Bag | $25.30

    Dads, who are one of our favorite parents.

    Best Dad Black Stainless Steel Cufflinks | $59.95

    Dads who wear sawdust like glitter.


    And for Grandpa … since a Grandpa is just a dad with no rules.

    Monogrammed Cherry Wood Humidor | $60.95


    Dads, they’re like Moms, only cooler.

    2 pc. Personalized Gift Set with Wood Box | $27.45

    Finding awesome gifts for the dad(s) in your life is a breeze when you shop our collection of personalized gifts for men.  Taylor Street Favors offers gifts as special as the man you’re shopping for – stylish, personalized and thoughtful gifts for men that are beautifully made and built to last.

    Fatherhood – it requires love, not DNA.


  • Gratitude for Beginners

    Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded

    Featured image: Clark Tibbs | Unsplash

    Going the extra mile & the awesome power of making a difference.

    Thomas AE | Unsplash

    Wedding season is in full swing.  Feels like a good time to pause and take a breath.

    This is a shout out to our fellow wedding pro’s everywhere and to the brides & grooms who have hired you as their wedding planner, their DJ, their videographer, venue, caterer, wedding cake baker, stylist, florist, and yes — their favors & gifts provider too!

    Wedding Professionals – It is difficult to consistently perform at 100%+!  We worked hard to win the business in the first place, and maybe we overpromised a wee-bit, and minimized the challenges of delivering the vision the wedding couple described in such vivid detail.  Well, now its time to make good on that commitment.  And we can do it – in fact, we must — our about-to-be-married couple is counting on us to go the extra mile.  What we do matters, and we know that little things make a big difference.

    Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash


    Brides & Grooms – Your wedding professional is undoubtedly good at what he or she does.  The reviews you read validate it, their prior work demonstrates it, and you wouldn’t have decided on her or him if your gut didn’t tell you that too.  They are pushing themselves to make your event – extraordinary.  And while you are paying for their expertise, we all know that putting in the blood, sweat & tears necessary is tough. Simple gestures of thanks can make an incredible difference.  Go the extra mile and let your wedding professionals know how much you appreciate having them on your team – today!


    David and I make exceptional customer service one of  Taylor Street Favors’ cornerstones.  It is one of the ways we go the extra mile.  David and I believe strongly in making every customer feel equally important and appreciated, something we did not experience as a same sex couple planning our wedding. Unfortunately, almost everyone will tell you that providing great customer service is a core part of their business. It can be difficult for customers to separate fact from fiction, especially when comparing similar products or services.

    Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

    Here are three tell tale signs of excellent customer service – delivered by passionate wedding professionals who know how to “go the extra mile”…

    1. They respond to inquiries as quickly as possible;
    2. They listen, they don’t “pitch”, and they remember what you, the customer has told them;
    3. They fix mistakes – before they happen if possible.  [David and I always proof our customer’s personalization information,  routinely correcting errors and eliminating the expense & frustration of having a non-returnable custom gift or favor produced and delivered].  

    Let’s all keep going the extra mile.  It might not be lonely, but it certainly will not be crowded.    

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    Your Wedding Day Time Capsule Awaits

    “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Suess

    We all know Dr. Suess is right, we just don’t necessarily act on this knowing, especially when in the midst of wedding planning.  And while beautiful wedding day photos and a professionally edited video are wonderful to look back on too, they do not re-connect us emotionally in the same way as a personal message tucked inside a wedding day time capsule does.

    I’ve collected a few ideas to help you incorporate some type of time capsule into your wedding day.  Confession, we did not do this on our wedding day – not because we decided against it, but because we were not aware of it.  [And I absolutely am sufficiently cornball/romantic to have included this.] So heads-up, David. I am thinking of including some version of this into our lives now – almost 2 years post wedding day.

    There are two ways couples usually incorporate the time capsule idea into their wedding day:  “Day of” ceremony time capsule or a Guestbook time capsule.

    “Day of” Time Capsule

    Supplies:  A box & paper.

    Really, the supplies required do not create too high a bar, even for those of us who are DIY-averse or flat-out-of-time.  We have some options on Taylor Street for boxes & stationery that will not only add symbolic significance to the occasion, but also create a true wedding day keepsake.  A shoebox with blank paper or note cards, however, will do just fine.

    Boxes:  Both of these keepsake boxes could first be used for your wedding reception, so they would not only be pulling double duty, they would have the added significance of having been a part of your wedding day itself.


    Tin Box with Blackboard Panel Display


    Vintage Inspired Wood Case with Hinged Lid

    Paper:  There are many awesome stationery alternatives available for you to consider.  We have a few for that would work well, like these:

    Dandelion Wishes Note Card
    Fleur De Lis Note Card

    The directions are straightforward. You each write a love letter to your soon-to-be spouse, expressing your feelings on this day — your wedding day — what you are most excited about, your hopes, what is most important to you about this day, and why & when you fell in love with him/her. You know, the emotional kind of “stuff”.

    [And this idea is really awesome for a blended family ceremony – including your children in on the time capsule by adding their own notes makes it even more memorable.  And, it creates a potential family tradition with the opening of the time capsule and its periodic updating.]



    Guestbook time capsule

    This version has you asking guests to write you a note on a postcard you provide and drop it in your “time capsule” to be opened on your 1st anniversary.  This invites your guests to participate in a way that a guest book signature does not.  Here are a couple of ideas for collecting your postcards.

    Acrylic Box Card Holder




    Wine Barrel Card Holder


    Kick it up a notch:  So a year has passed and you’ve opened up your time capsule on your one year anniversary.  You’ve read your letters over a glass of wine and eaten what remains of your wedding cake.  So now what?! Here are a few ideas for what to add for “the next time” — regardless of what time capsule option you decided on — for your 5 year anniversary, 10 year, … or whatever year you agree to re-open it.

    1. Take a picture of the two of you with the time capsule the day you open it up & include it for the next time;
    2. Include that day’s front page from your local paper or print-out from your favorite news source;
    3. Write about:
      1. The hardest moments you faced as a couple your first year;
      2. Your favorite memory of year one;
      3. A goal or prediction for the next time you open your time capsule;
    4. Write another personal note to each other.

    You get the idea, there are lots of things you could include.  Just don’t make this list so long that it gets tedious.

    Close it up, store it somewhere safe.  Done.

    This may become a ritual that you continue the rest of your lives or it may be something you enjoy once and set aside. Regardless, your notes to each other or notes from your friends & family will become something you will be able to look back on, reflect & reminisce when you do happen upon it – especially after it has gathered dust for years.  Your children may also enjoy the opportunity to glimpse a bit more about you as well, in your own writing and in your own words … “when you were young”.

    Life goes by pretty fast and if you are like me, unless we force some pauses along the way to reflect and reconnect, we miss some awesome & inspiring moments, unique opportunities to really connect with each other.

    Your time capsule may help you both re-connect, to a younger you and to each other.  Sweet.