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Signature Drink: The Americano Cocktail

So you’ve decided its time to try your hand at a classic.  Good for you!  Stirred, never shaken, your first sip of a perfectly mixed Americano delivers refreshing magic.

A notable drink for its place in James Bond history, an Americano is the very first cocktail ordered by James Bond in Fleming’s first 007 spy novel “Casino Royale.”  Beautifully bright and refreshing, the Americano is the older cousin to the Negroni cocktail (gin instead of soda) and is composed of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda. [NOTE: Bond preferred Perrier, “…the cheapest way to improve a poor drink.”, over club soda.] The Americano is not for everyone; though it is a gentle introduction to Campari, a somewhat bitter aperitif characterized by its dark red color. According to Mr. Bond “…a drink like this is better suited for dining at an outdoor cafe.”  Maybe, but that depends on the cafe.

The at-home recipe is a simple combination of equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth over ice, served in our Old Fashioned Gold Rim Whiskey Glasses topped off with club soda.

1.5 oz Campari
1.5 oz Sweet Vermouth
2.0 oz Soda Water
Garnish with a lemon twist or orange slice.

You’ve just built yourself an Americano!

Ice or no ice?  The ultimate Americano is stirred (and then strained, much like a Negroni), into a chilled glass (served “up”) or poured over fresh ice (on the rocks).  Freeze our diamond-bright stainless steel liquor sphere, then pour your drink directly over it. More important than the ice/no ice decision, the best bartenders always start with ice-cold ingredients — less ice melt = better tasting high ball.

The Americano originated in Milan, created by Gaspare Campari to sell his product. American tourists made it famous in the early 20th century.  This drink remains a classic & will not leave you with a huge hangover in the morning

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