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    The Weekender Tote

    First, let’s talk about this Washed Canvas Weekender.

    It’s kinda perfect.  Personalized with your name or initials, this Washed Canvas Weekender Tote is the just right tote for an overnight stay or a weekend out of town. This beautiful overnight bag features a removable crossbody strap, a zippered inner pocket, and faux leather handles and accents. This Washed Canvas Weekender packs in all your essentials plus any extras.

    • FREE Personalization.
    • Dimensions:
    • L: Tote: 20.5”. Outside Zippered Pocket: 5”. Inside Zippered Pocket: 4.5”. Adjustable Strap: 47”. Handle Drop: 7.5”.
    • W: Tote: 9.5”. Outside Zippered Pocket: 7”. Inside Zippered Pocket: 7”. Adjustable Strap: 1.5”
    • H: Tote: 12.5”
    • Features: Vegan Leather, 18 oz. washed canvas, one outside zippered pocket, inside zippered pocket, adjustable strap, free personalization
    • Materials: Washed canvas, brown vegan leather
    • Care Instructions: Spot Clean and air dry
    • Personalization Options: May be personalized with a single initial, monogram, or 10 character custom line at no additional cost.

    Best weekend ever with this Washed Canvas Weekender Tote! 

    The absolute-must-have bridesmaid gift this fall is weekenders. Last years tote does not a weekender make. The weekender tote does not have to be just for the bridal party – even though they do make great bridesmaids gifts. You should have one, your mom should have one, even your awesome gay BFF should have one! No matter who you gift this tote to your ‘I Do Crew‘ will appreciate the fine quality this bag.

    Model holding the Washed Canvas Weekender in Black - Available personalized

    But, what about you? Don’t you want one too?

    Everyone wants to get away for that weekend “up north” or “down south” trip, right? So, why not give a gift that suggests Grab me and go!  So get out the Washed Canvas Weekender tote, toss in some sweaters and jeans and go! The Washed canvas and brown vegan leather make a beautiful and sophisticated statement no matter where you go.  

    Shown open - Washed Canvas Weekender in Black that is also Available personalized

    Oh, and most of all, have fun! Taylor Street has all kinds of totes to choose from that can make exceptional birthday, anniversary or baby shower gifts

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    The “I Do Crew” …for those couples doing things a bit differently… .

    At our wedding reception with orange poppies

    Men as Bridesmaids, Women as Groomsmen – and what about that Man of Honor!

    As more newly engaged couples, gay and straight, involve friends and family members in their weddings in more creative and personal ways, they are redefining traditional gender-based bridesmaids & groomsmen roles. Welcome to the I Do Crew!

    [And really, why can’t brides and grooms have their BFF’s stand with them at the alter regardless of gender?]

    While it’s increasingly common to have wedding party members of both sexes standing up for brides and grooms, what to call your male bridesmaids (not this for sure) or female groomsmen (possibly an even worse idea) is all over the place.  Here are a few popular gender neutral alternatives to use in your program or when the wedding party is introduced.

    I Do Crew and a Few Alternatives for your Wedding Party

    Most popular:  “I Do Crew”.   It’s catchy, gender neutral, and – to me – a little bit sentimental, in a good way. You can find it on all kinds of wedding swag…and it makes a great hashtag:  #idocrew . But if that just doesn’t work for you, here are some others…

    The safe choices:  “attendants” or “entourage”;

    Lighthearted & best for personalized gear:   Team [fill in the name of groom(s) or bride(s)];

    These show up fairly often too:  besties, party people, wedding squad, bridal brigade or bride tribe paired with groom squad.  

    For the male maid of honor:  man of honor

    And for the female best man: best woman

    Or…how about best friend! 

    Personalized Bride Tribe Stemless Wine Glasses

    3 Other Wedding Traditions Your I Do Crew Will Love

    Just as your wedding party may not conform to tradition, increasingly, today’s modern couples — whether two brides, two grooms or a bride and groom — are choosing to co-create their wedding ceremony too. From the ground up, couples are mixing cultural and religious traditions with unique elements.

    Here are a few examples of interesting and modern takes on traditional wedding rituals.

    Wedding Colors and Wedding Attire

    Couples are managing the all-to-familiar bridesmaid matching outfit and coordinating groomsmen tradition with a much lighter touch.  Couples are selecting a color (or two) and inviting a close circle of friends and family to wear the color(s). Sometimes instructions include a particular article of clothing (bow tie / socks / shirt or blouse color) and sometimes the request is simply to include that color in whatever outfit is chosen. Not only are couples able to involve more people than they might if the wedding color was limited to the more traditional gang up front, it looks awesome when it comes time for pictures.  David and I went this route, but in hindsight didn’t take the idea far enough.  We now wish we would have had his mom and my dad wear some “poppy orange” too [really – see picture!].

    But make sure your wedding party members look the part, so that there is something in common that helps your wedding pictures to have a coordinated look.  If you’ve left people to interpret your request on their own, you may want to have some things available on your wedding day, just in case – a boutonniere, bow tie, socks – for pops of color that tie your wedding party together.

    Non-traditional Processional

    Rather than the 2X2, invite your closest friends, and wedding party participants to walk down the aisle at the start of your ceremony with their respective significant others and then sit in reserved rows at the front. This eliminates the need to have everyone pair up nicely…and means you can forget about requiring an equal number of attendants for each “side of the aisle”. Isn’t it more natural and enjoyable if a family with children move as a clump, or if you have a friend who is happily single, stride down your aisle individually?

    Combined Bridesmaids-Groomsmen Party

    Why not!  Especially if you each already have both men and women as attendants, why not have a co-ed party involving both groups.  Not only do these people then have more of a chance to get to know each other, you can have some fun with your best friends while getting to know your future spouse’s best friends – win/win.

    New roles, new rules…or in this case, no rules.  Be creative in the way(s) you choose to honor your friends and your lives together. If you are feeling in need of a “steady-hand”; someone to help you think things through, get a professional wedding planner involved! Your wedding is a time to celebrate. Ultimately, do what feels right rather than what you wish felt right.

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    Monogram Rules

    Monogramming adds a thoughtful detail to any item and is the perfect way to make a gift feel even more special & unique. One of the most important decisions in purchasing a monogrammed gift is selecting the monogram style and order of the initials. But, what is proper monogram etiquette exactly? Which initial goes first? How do different size letters effect the order of the initials? What is appropriate for same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples or singles? We hope we can calm your nerves and guide you in the proper direction to suit your individual needs. 


    As the oldest form of identification in the world, monograms date back to as early as 350BC. They served many roles, from indicating social status, to serving as a signature for royals and artists, to being a form of currency in the barter system. The earliest known examples were used on coins. The Greek cities who issued the coins, often used the first two letters of the city’s name. Monograms were also used to identify property and were typically ornate, which makes them desirable when adding monograms to elegant gifts even today.


    Single-letter monograms, traditionally, represent the last name for both men and unmarried women. Rules for creating monograms for children are the same as those for unmarried adults. For a child it is important to consider where and how they will be using a personalized gift. For safety reasons you may not want to put too much information on something a child will have in public. Choose instead to use a monogram versus a name on something like a backpack.

    A single initial that can be either the first or last name initial. Example: Anne Masters or Magie Davies. Modern or traditional, you can’t go wrong. Consider who the gift is for and what fits them best.

    If you’re looking for a cool and custom gift to impress the ‘I do crew‘ in your wedding party go with a single initial monogram. It’s a modern twist – First name with first name initial above or just an initial only. Example: Andrew Michael or Michael Davis. Modern or traditional you can’t go wrong. As mentioned above, consider who the gift is for and what fits them best.


    Traditional, three-letter Victorian monograms are the variety we use most often today. Letter arrangement depends on marital status and letter sizes within the monogram. Monograms add a special touch engagement, weddings and anniversary gifts. Something they will treasure for a lifetime and become family heirlooms.

    Single Men and Single Women

    Weekend Canvas Bag Shown with three initial monogram
    Example: Tina Nicole Smith – TNS or Terrance Nicolas Smith – TNS.

    Single men and single women use the first initial of their first, middle and last name, in that order.

    Large surname letter in the middle

    Three Letter Monogram with Large surname letter in the middle on a dopp kit
    Example: Jenny Lynn Mendoza or James Leonardo Mendoza.

    Single men and women would use the first initial of their first, last and middle names, in that order. The last name is always the centered, largest font.


    Same-Sex Couples

    Traditional Monogram Printed Napkins in Black Foil showing a traditional 3 letter monogram  for married same-sex couples
    Example: Rebecca & Brianna Winslow-Ford.
    Traditional Monogram Printed Napkins | Item No. 685

    For married same-sex couples who choose to use one last name, even hyphenated, the first initial of the first name on the left is up to the couple as to who would be first. Possibly setting a family tradition going forward with who is always on the left or right. The center initial will be the chosen last name initial. The same initials would be used on linens, glass and tableware.

    Opposite-Sex Couples

    Traditional Monogram Printed Napkins in Black Foil showing a traditional 3 letter monogram  for married opposite-sex couples
    Example: Anne & David Begor
    Traditional Monogram Printed Napkins | Item No. 685

    For married opposite-sex couples the bride’s first initial is on the left of the last name initial and the groom’s first initial is on the right, as in ladies first. (Often used on linens). Shown here on our Traditional Monogram Printed Napkins.

    Personalized 7 oz. Silver Rim Champagne Flutes (Set of 2) showing a three letter monogram
    Example: Benjamin & Sandy Hortense
    Personalized 7 oz. Silver Rim Champagne Flutes (Set of 2) | Item No. 1333

    A more traditional view is the groom’s first initial is first and the bride’s first initial is last. (Traditionally used on glass and tableware).


    Different Last Names

    Modern Stacked Two Letter Monogram on a rose Gold Steel Wine Glass
    Example: Marc Jacobs & Jeremy Prince,
    Modern Stacked Two Letter Monogram

    For unmarried couples, and married couples who choose to keep their individual last names, both initials of each partners’ last names are used together as a 2-letter monogram. For a more modern twist on the two letter monogram stack initials or enter a horizontal line between them. Example: J|P

    Use First Names

    For all couples, married or unmarried, you may want to keep it simple and use the initials of each partners’ first names together as a 2-letter monogram. Example: Jenny & Perry Roberts



    Three letter Monogram on a Universal wood monogrammed key chain.
    Example: Anne (first name) Cindy (middle name) Benson (last name),
    would be ABC, not ACB. 

    It is tradition for the woman to use her maiden name initial as the middle initial in three-letter monograms. Otherwise, she would use her first name initial, married name initial, and middle name initial. Shown above the monogram is in the traditional last name initial in the middle position format.


    Personalized polished stainless steel key chain shows the traditional last name initial in the middle position format.
    Example: Robert (first name) Edward (middle name) Hanson (last name),
    would be RHE, not REH.

    It is tradition for the man to use his last name initial as the middle initial in three-letter monograms. Otherwise for new-tradition men, he would use his first name initial, married name initial, and middle name initial. Shown above the monogram is in the traditional last name initial in the middle position format.

    While a highly decorative script font may look just fine on it’s own, it could be extremely difficult to read when used in traditional three-letter monograms. Also note that although these are the more “traditional monogram rules,” there are no right and wrong ways to create monograms. Most of the time, it depends on the person receiving the gift. Focus on fitting the design to their personality, and you won’t go wrong!

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on Monograms. Tell us how you’ve decided what monogram style works for you in the comments below.

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    Cufflinks – Your No-Nonsense Guide for Buying & Wearing Cufflinks

    Confused about whether a bullet back, whale back or a fixed backing is best? Not sure whether metal or polished stone cufflinks are more formal? And are French cuffs really necessary to wear cufflinks? Our cufflinks guide answers these questions & a few more too.

    We’ve broken our guide into three sections so you can
    read what you need and get on with your day, and included some nifty info graphics too.

    Section 1: Anatomy of a Cufflink & How You Fasten It To a Cuff

    Section 2: Cufflink Types

    Section 3: Cufflinks for Every Occasion – Everyday, Business, Formal Wear, Weddings, Gifts


    A *very* BRIEF HISTORY of cufflinks

    Cufflinks, considered one of the most traditional pieces of male jewelry, were created to replace fabric ties or ribbons used to hold cuffs together. Cufflinks remained an upperclass status item, usually presented as a gift to mark a special occasion, until the industrial revolution allowed mass production of metal cufflinks, making them affordable to a much larger population. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, however, that cufflinks started to become a popular fashion accessory as designers and artisans began experimenting with an increasing number of materials and finishes.

    Today, you can find novelty cufflinks with your favorite pro team or
    Marvel comics character, and in every color, material and price range. You can wear cufflinks at your wedding, to the office and to celebrate the end of the week. Women increasingly are wearing cufflinks too.

    SECTION 1: Anatomy of a Cufflink

    Fastening a cufflink to a shirt cuff looks challenging, but is not when you start with the end in mind…you want the face of the cufflink to be facing up when you have your arm extended as though you are about to reach across a table. Check out our YouTube video on How to Fasten a Cufflink.

    SECTION 2: Cufflink Types



    We are often asked if there is a backing that is “best”? Generally the fewer moving parts there are in the design, the more durable and long-lasting your cufflinks will be.
    Fixed backings are the most durable — “knotted designs”, “ball return”, “stub & button” styles all fall into the “fixed” category.

    SECTION 3: Cufflinks for Every Occasion

    Casual “Everyday” Cufflinks.

    Though traditionalists would say there is no such thing as “everyday” cufflinks, we disagree. More so today than ever before, it is both stylish and fun to see a pair of cufflinks glinting at the base of your single cuff shirt sleeve while doing your everyday stuff. Here’s the deal though – keep everyday cufflinks colorful and/or whimsical. Cufflinks with flannel? Why yes, tailors can make any long sleeved shirt cufflink friendly. Cufflinks with jeans? Absolutely, but please avoid jeans with lots of distressing; because: a) it’s not 1980 and b) with fashion especially, less is often more. And because it’s a casual look, there is an endless assortment of cufflink colors, designs … and prices. Be guided by fashion’s golden rule – it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Here are a few of our current favorites…

    HogWarts Shield Cufflinks

    Hogwarts Shield Cufflinks

    Take A Look

    Black Panther Cufflinks

    Black Panther Cufflinks

    Take A Look

    Superman Shield Cufflinks

    Superman Shield CUfflinks

    Take A Look

    These are all officially licensed, high quality cufflinks with iconic characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and DC Comics.  Or if sports are your obsession, there are NCAA and pro teams to proudly wear, like these officially licensed bullet back closure cufflinks.


    Business Cufflinks

    Here’s the only rule you need to follow when wearing cufflinks at work:

    Your cufflinks ought to work with the overall look and feel you’ve created, not compensate for it or compete with it.

    Your cufflinks can liven up a straightforward office look with your own personal style, but don’t over do it. If you are wearing French cuffs, you don’t want to dress down your look too much. Often, something refined and neutral like metal cufflinks with initials or a monogram, work well. Sometimes a small pop of color makes all the difference, like silk knot cuff links. But particularly in a business setting, you may
    not want to be remembered as “the guy with the crazy cufflinks”.

    Think Madmen, the right pair of men’s cufflinks can set you apart from the pack. Think confidence, and use your cufflinks as part of your signature style. Taylor Street has some beautiful stone cufflinks and precious metal cufflinks that will take your business attire to the next level.

    Stainless Steel Gold Tartan Plaid Cufflinks

    Stainless Steel Gold Tartan Plaid Cufflinks

    Stainless Steel Rectangle Engravable Framed Cufflinks

    Stainless Steel Rectangle Engravable Framed Cufflinks

    Formal Wear Cufflinks

    When it comes to formal occasions you need formal cufflinks, you just do. Is it black tie or white tie?
    White tie events are the most formal and have a relatively specific dress code. White tie events call for Mother-of-pearl cufflinks and studs; they are a must wear accessory. Sterling silver, platinum and white gold are preferred metals. Not sure? Check the dress code for the event.

    Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

    Mosaic Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

    Mother of Pearl Studs


    Mosaic Mother of Pearl Studs


    Black tie events, while requiring a black tuxedo or dinner jacket, are less formal and provide some room for personal fashion statements. There really are no “must haves” regarding cufflinks, but as a formal affair, classic materials that create a sophisticated look are expected. After all, if the host had wanted casual and eclectic, he or she would not have said “black tie”!

    Here are a examples of classic cufflinks that have beautiful details and won’t pull attention from your outfit.

    Classic Black Onyx Cufflinks

    Vermeil Classic Formal Onyx Cufflinks


    Stainless Steel Striped Onyx Cufflinks


    Stainless Steel Striped Onyx Cufflinks

    Getting Married?

    Many grooms want to give their groomsmen cufflinks they can wear and enjoy on the wedding day. Similarly, family members want to give newlyweds keepsakes to commemorate the day. You will have to decide, however, if the cufflinks are designed to be single use or a gift that can be worn on other occasions. “I Do Crew” or “Best Man” engraving on cufflinks limits their use to one pretty specific event, much like certain bridesmaid dress styles and colors limit future sightings.

    I Do Cufflinks

    I Do Cufflinks

    Pewter Best Man Cufflinks

    Pewter Best Man Cufflinks

    As an alternative, engrave a more subtle personalization, like a date or location, initials or a monogram.  Personalization ideas like these add significance without making them one-off’s. Whether you’re purchasing for a groom, best man, best friend, husband or dad, engraved cufflinks make a memorable gift with a lasting impression.

    Stainless Steel Round Engravable Framed Cufflinks

    Stainless Steel Round Engravable Framed Cufflinks

    Or, if you go the other direction, you can have some serious fun without spending too much. Increasingly, grooms have been getting creative with theme socks, ties and cufflinks as a fun and whimsical way to show camaraderie, treating cufflinks more as a keepsake to remember the day.

    When Pigs Fly Cufflinks

    When Pigs Fly Cufflinks

    Either way, Taylor Street Favors has cufflink ideas for you. We offer modern and traditional cuff links as well as unique designs that your ‘I Do Crew’ will love.

    Cufflinks as Gifts – Gemstone, Novelty, Seasonal and Semi-precious Stone Cufflinks

    Always an awesome gift choice, cuff links [and tie bars!] imbue confidence and add a subtle and sophisticated finish to a man’s or woman’s outfit.

    Women’s Cufflink Ideas

    Gemstone Cufflink Ideas

    Seasonal & Novelty Cufflinks

    Day of the Dead Skull CufflinksWonder Woman Action Cufflinks

    A great pair of cufflinks can become a family heirloom. A fun pair of cufflinks can become a bond to a moment. And while cufflinks make beautiful gifts to mark special occasions, you
    can buy cufflinks for yourself, too. Try out different options and eventually you’ll discover what works for you as you define your personal style. A friend, who is a brilliant artist, will jump directly into any project with a “I can figure that out, I can do that!’ attitude. That same attitude applies to creating your personal style. Confidence comes from trying, discovering and learning what style works for you.

    Style is putting your personality in what you wear and how you live.

    To paraphrase Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the clothes, dress impeccably and they remember you”.

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    Please, no belt. Love, Suspenders

    Classic Suspenders | Autumn Harvest Design | Brown

    I am going to start this off with the golden rule of suspenders. Don’t wear a belt!

    First off, it’s redundant. Second, it’s unflattering and third, it’s redundant.  No good can come from wearing suspenders and a belt at the same time – it’s just plain wrong.

    Now let’s get to the good stuff…questions like: Suspenders are appropriate for which occasions? What are the right type of suspenders? Are there different ways to wear suspenders? X or Y back?

    Last question first: We say Y-back. Because Y-back suspenders are considered more up-to-date and on-trend. The top choice of suspender aficionados.

    Now that the X vs Y back is settled. Let’s start with the types of suspenders.

    Button-On Suspenders

    Formal Suspenders | Royal Sapphire Design | Navy
    Item No. 8505 | JJ Suspenders

    Style: Business and Formal

    Required: Buttons – trousers, pants or jeans that have six rounded buttons hidden along the inside of the waistband for the suspender’s loops to button onto.  Where are the buttons? In the back, they are located on the inside of the waistband, about 2 ½ ­to 3 inches apart, 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches on each side of the center seam – and 1″  below the top of the waistband. In the front you will find them inside the waistband about an inch down from the top and 2″ apart. If there are no buttons – don’t panic. A tailor will know the correct placement and techniques for adding suspender buttons to your pants for under $20. If you’re buying un-hemmed trousers, just ask the tailor to add the buttons when hemming your pants. If you intend to wear only suspenders with your trousers you can ask the tailor to remove the belt loops. This will give the pants a much cleaner & sophisticated look.

    Clip-On Suspenders

    Leather Suspenders | Chestnut Java Design | Brown
    Leather Suspenders | Chestnut Java Design | Brown
    Item No. 8502 | JJ Suspenders

    Style: Causal

    Required: trousers, pants, jeans, city shorts. Clip-on suspenders are more versatile but definitely more casual. Clip them in the back middle of the waistband, pull them over your shoulders, attach the remaining clips to the front-waistband. Easy – clip them on and go!

    But now you’re thinking But, how do I choose the right width? There really is not a right width so much as a scale: the skinnier the suspender, the more casual the look. Subtle changes in width can dramatically impact the look. At the wider end of the spectrum, suspenders become classic, and ultimately, formal.

    Thin or Wide Suspenders

    Thin ‘skinny’ suspenders, like our Chestnut-Brown Leather Suspenders or our Jet Set Skinny Suspenders, offer up a more trendy and casual appearance. These .75″ wide ‘Skinny’ suspenders can be worn with khakis or jeans and a dress shirt, a t-shirt or over a slim-fitting sweater. Elevating a casual outfit that can be worn out on date night or a night out, streetwear, office casual; even casual weddings. For versatility in fitting keep this in mind — leather suspenders have a front strap that can be loosened or tightened just like a belt: via a buckle and holes.

    Leather Suspenders | Sierra Nevada Design | Dark Tan
    Leather Suspenders | Sierra Nevada Design | Dark Tan
    Item No. 8506 | JJ Suspenders

    Classic ‘modern’ suspenders, like our Autumn Harvest Classic Suspenders, allow for more versatility. Casual to dressy, these 1.15″ wide ‘modern’ suspenders can be worn with dress pants; a suit or tux; nice jeans or khakis. Neither skinny enough to be hugely casual, nor wide enough to be considered formal, these “Goldilocks” suspenders are perfect for t-shirts & khakis or jeans (casual); dress shirt & dress pants (less casual). Wear these to work, weddings (perfect for your groomsmen) or cocktail parties.

    Classic Suspenders | Navy Tides Design | Navy
    Classic Suspenders | Navy Tides Design | Navy
    Item No. 8499 | JJ Suspenders

    Formal ‘traditional’ suspenders, like these Royal Sapphire Formal Suspenders, send the message that you’re in charge. These 1.5″ wide classic ‘traditional’ suspenders are dressy, classy, and formal. Perfect for red carpet events, business settings, weddings and formal occasions. Be sure to pair your suspenders with a quality shirt. For formal events in general, french cuffs are always a great choice. Add some eye catching cufflinks to your look to finish it off.

    Formal Suspenders | Back to Black Design | Black
    Formal Suspenders | Back to Black Design | Black
    Item No. 8501 | JJ Suspenders

    Let’s Button This Up (did you see what I did there?)

    A quick search on the internet will bring you a ton of suspender articles to help you hone your suspender skills. Just remember, suspenders that come with clips allow most pants or shorts in your closet to be suspender-friendly. Suspenders with buttons require more up front work, but are generally a more traditional/dressy look. Whichever way you go with suspenders, you’re making a style statement that is part of a great looking trend that continues to gather momentum.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on suspenders. Tell us what you’ve learned in the comments below.

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    Groomsmen Gifts

    Check out our Groomsmen Gifts. Gifts that are beautifully made and built to last.

    Groomsmen Gifts. Gifts that are beautifully made and built to last.

    Stay cool in the hot summer heat with this Central Park Travel Bottle
    Central Park Travel Bottle in Matte Gold with Typewriter Monogram | Item No. 4286.

    Finding awesome gifts for the guy(s) – and gal(s) – in your life is a breeze when you shop our collection of personalized gifts for your best mangroomsmen, and dads. We offer gifts as special as the man you’re shopping for – stylish, personalized and thoughtful gifts for men that are beautifully made and built to last.

    We are all in on Groomsmen Gifts with this Wood Beer Bottle Caddy With Opener
    Wood Beer Bottle Caddy With Opener | Item No. 7007

    ll groomsmen need a shave - here and there. How about giving a gift they'll use many times over. Personalized Grey Dopp Kit
    Personalized Grey Dopp Kit | Item No. 8348

    Your 'I do crew
    Marvel’s Avengers 3 Pair Socks Gift Set | Item No. 6803.

    Perfect carry on choice for your next weekend trip - Genuine Leather & Canvas
    Weekend Carry On Bag – Genuine Leather & Canvas | Item No. 8138.

    Hogwarts alumni or still waiting for your acceptance letter? You'll need these Hogwarts Crest Cufflinks
    Hogwarts Crest Cufflinks | Item No. 8489

    It's a can. It's a glass. It's a Personalized Beer Can Shaped Glass
    Personalized Beer Can Shaped Glass – Gold Seal Printing | Item No. 7495.

    A striking gift for any Groomsman! Best Groomsman Ever Etching Silver Lighter.
    Best Groomsman Ever Etching Silver Lighter | Item No. 8312


    Taylor Street Favors makes personalized gift giving easy. We have a huge selection of cufflinks – with themes from Star Wars to Marvel to your favorite sports team, most are available engraved in a variety of styles. We also have a wide range of personalized wine & bar accessorieswalletstie clips and outdoor gear from well known, quality name brands like Cufflinks Inc.True BrandsWeddingStar, Susquehanna Glass and Teals Prairie. We know your best mates will be proud to stand at your side. Show them you appreciate their friendship with a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift.

    We are big supporters of gender neutral bridal parties – so if you’re shopping for gifts for both women and men as part of your Groom Squad, we’ve got you covered! From personalized totestravel bags to engraved jewelry & jewelry boxes, our gifts represent a wide range of individual tastes. And whether it’s with craft beer or a prized malt liquor, we’ve got the personalized copper mugssteinsflasks & shot glasses you’ll need to raise at any congratulatory toast your groomsmen or “I Do Crew” will give.

    At Taylor Street Favors we also make it easy; you can ‘same-gift’ a group like your wedding party (personalized for each person, of course) with a few clicks, or you can pick and choose unique, personalized accessories based on each man’s, or woman’s, style. And if you are just not sure, we are here to help. Call us, text us, or chat with us.

    Take a look through our collection to find your perfect thank-you gifts to let the special men & women in your life know just how much they mean to you. When it’s time to celebrate – Taylor Street Favors has you covered.

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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make His Day – no tie needed.

    No ties, no problem!  Taylor Street  has you covered.  Father’s Day is almost here… .

    We celebrate Dads who know every verse of “Wheels on the Bus”.

    Daddy Diaper Bag | $69.90


    Dads who always pretended to listen to everything we had to say.

    When Pigs Fly Cufflinks | $54.95


    Dads who carry pictures where their money used to be.

    Oxford Embossed Tri-fold Leather Wallet | $28.75


    Dads who make it easy to get a Father’s Day gift due to a psychotic love of golf.

    Custom Golf Shoe Bag | $25.30

    Dads, who are one of our favorite parents.

    Best Dad Black Stainless Steel Cufflinks | $59.95

    Dads who wear sawdust like glitter.


    And for Grandpa … since a Grandpa is just a dad with no rules.

    Monogrammed Cherry Wood Humidor | $60.95


    Dads, they’re like Moms, only cooler.

    2 pc. Personalized Gift Set with Wood Box | $27.45

    Finding awesome gifts for the dad(s) in your life is a breeze when you shop our collection of personalized gifts for men.  Taylor Street Favors offers gifts as special as the man you’re shopping for – stylish, personalized and thoughtful gifts for men that are beautifully made and built to last.

    Fatherhood – it requires love, not DNA.


  • Gifts

    Gift Giving – 5 Simple Rules for a Sane & Successful Shopping Season

    Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

    Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

    It is human nature — the more we value the person we are shopping for, the more we strive to find THAT one-in-a-million gift that will completely & effortlessly reflect the depth of our feelings about our relationship and be EXACTLY what he or she wants.

    Warning, Will Robinson.

    You know and I know that thinking this way is, at best, unhelpful & at worst, a sure path to frustration and spending (way) more than you can afford.  So why do we do this?  There is a psychology to gift giving — and there is research that demonstrates the biggest effect from giving a gift may be on ourselves — our self-perception as a result of the gift we give.  Self-perception could be a pretty powerful motivator when just one person is involved, but multiplied by a long gift list full of cherished friends and family and it is not surprising that we often lose control.

    Here are 5 rules that I know, but sometimes forget to apply, when it comes to holiday shopping.   These help to keep me grounded and thoughtful as I go about checking off my Christmas gift giving list.


    1. Money does not buy love.     You can be passionate about gift giving and still not blow your budget.  Giving gifts that are practical, but maybe a bit less desirable to give as gifts, is GOOD!  Handmade gifts are awesome, if you dedicate the time and materials needed to truly deliver.  But – if you haven’t yet done what you are planning to do for a DIY gift – do a practice run to make sure you have all the supplies you need and that the end result is what you envisioned.  As with all gifts — keep the recipient in mind — ‘useful’, ‘edible’ or ‘holiday keepsake’ are all great DIY categories.  And lastly – do not turn gift spending into a competitive sport – do not attempt to match spend.  Rarely turns out well, builds resentment, and just not a good headspace to be in.

    Capiz Shell Candle Holder | Taylor Street Favors

    2.  If they asked for it, that probably means they would like it.     There are studies that demonstrate recipients actually appreciate gifts they specifically asked for more than gifts chosen by the gift giver. (!!) Moreover, when recipients then rated the giver of the requested gift, they rated them as more thoughtful and personal than the person who gave the unrequested gift.  Long story short here — don’t guess — ask for a list.  And if you are worried that asking for a gift list may seem tacky, or obligate the person you’re asking to then give you a gift, good points!  Plan B:  going with a gift that tracks an interest (yoga) or theme (cooking, gardening) or a gift certificate (massage, bookstore, coffeeshop) could be a great alternative.

    3.  Men and women not only shop differently, but truly think differently about gifts.     Gender factors into gift giving & receiving.  While a generalization, men tend to skew more pragmatic/functional & women skew in a more sentimental gift direction.  I am not saying this to let anyone “off the hook” for a poor gift choice.  No way.  I say this so that you and I can compensate for any chromosomal tendency we might have – not play to it.  So while gift cards and envelopes full of cash have their place, don’t assume that because you would like to receive your gift that everyone else would appreciate receiving it as well.

    Photo by To a Heftier on Unsplash

    4.  ‘Experience gifts’ are often more appreciated.  A gift of time – sharing a meal & a movie together, breakfast in bed, a day spent shopping, hiking, or museum hopping are all amazing gifts.  These gifts allow you to feel closer by spending more time together and allow you to tailor your gift to the specific interests of the person receiving it – increasing the emotional value to you both.

    Personalized Turkish Towels | Taylor Street Favors

    5.  It is okay to give the same gift to different people.  Placing a premium on “uniqueness” over “appropriateness” is the trap not to fall into here.  It’s okay to buy the same gift for different people if you believe each person would enjoy receiving it.   It’s efficient too!  Might need to consider if the recipients would be opening your gifts to them at the same event, but really — if I like a gift enough for more than one person, or if two people on my list have asked for the same gift, why not!

    Choosing gifts based on the recipients perspective is the best way to approach your gift shopping.  Gift giving, when done with intention and thoughtfulness, can make relationships stronger, regardless of money spent.

    Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

  • Gifts

    Inspiration through Fermentation

    The holiday season swings into full gear.  Christmas and Hanukkah gift shopping looms.  I drink more wine.  Which leads me to today’s article on 5 great gift ideas for wine (& cheese) lovers.


    The stem versus stemless dilemma need not confuse.  [And for those of you who, like me, enjoy wading deeply into details few appreciate – know this:  stemless wine glasses actually have neither a stem nor a base & are more accurately referred to as tumblers.]   Stems are there so you do not hold the bowl, thereby warming the wine beyond its optimal drinking temperature. Stemless wine glasses have become synonymous with modern & casual, while stemmed glasses suggest, to some, a more formal and traditional affair.  Taylor Street offers both.  And rather than a colorful imprint that will not wear well over numerous cleanings, we suggest an etched personalization, with a minimal design that is beautifully etched.  Two of our most popular wine glasses:

    Stemless, Etched

    Bordeaux Decanter Gift Set by Viski


    Too many wine glasses already? What about coasters.  Coasters can be cool.  These coasters are keepers, handmade hammered copper backed with black velvet.

    Hammered Copper Coasters


    For those on your list who love books and would enjoy learning as much as possible about wine from one of today’s most knowledgeable and entertaining experts, The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil is the book for you.  Spoil your loved one with the hardcover edition at $22.

    The Wine Bible, available on Amazon.com


    If you believe, as I do, that wine tastes better when shared with friends,  then why not gift a cheeseboard to linger longer?   Our bamboo board has a slate strip running through it, which makes it easy to add a fun & personal chalk note to guests with each use.

    Personalized Bamboo & Slate Cheese Board


    There you are.  Five gifts for the wine (& cheese) lover on your guest list.

    And remember — the best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

  • Gifts

    Gifts for the Newly Engaged

    Engagement Photo provided by Nadine Cheetah of Cheetah Photography
    Engagement photo provided by Nadine Cheetah of Cheetah Photography

    Most of us can find an ‘okay’ gift in a heartbeat, but finding just the right gift for a newly engaged dear friend — or friends — is hard.  Fold in equal parts of what-is-customary, what-is-wanted, what-is-so-NOT-me and what-is-affordable, add a lack of available time to shop into the mix, and there – you and a white elephant might meet.  Fear not, as Taylor Street is not just a wedding favors store.  We have awesome gifts for the newly engaged — for both guys and gals (!) — and couples too.

    But first, be aware of these rules of the road.  There are different gifting moments, with different generally accepted gifts for each — beginning with the engagement announcement (engagement gift), then the bridal shower / bro-bath gift, and lastly the bachelorette / bachelor party gift.

    Engagement Gifts

    I try to celebrate a friend’s engagement with an out-to-lunch treat, or a heartfelt card, like this one…

    White Rose Love Is Love Card And Gift Box

    But, if there is an engagement party, do you “have to” bring a gift you ask?  No, you don’t have to, but if your friend’s parents have put on a fairly wiz-bang catered event for the about-to-be-married, you absolutely will see other guests bringing gifts…so, yes, you ought to.  These gift suggestions range from $35 to $55.  Particularly if you know both of the newly engaged, think of gifts that a couple can enjoy together.  It does not need to be “wedding-y”.

    Etched Whiskey Label Crystal Tumblers

    Stoneware Sake Set by Viski

    Personalized Red Picnic Cooler Set



    Hammered Metal Ice Bucket



    Bridal Shower / Bro-Bath Gifts

    This is most definitely a party/gifting event, and is usually planned far enough in advance that the wedding registry is already available – potentially creating a dilemma – do you do your gifting based on the registry or gift “free-style”?  If you keep the registry gift costs at the lower end, I like to not only buy something from the couple’s list, but then give a smaller, personal item too, particularly if I have not yet celebrated the engagement with a gift early on.  These gifts ideas range from $15 to $150.

    Stacked Initials with Date Leather Travel Diary

    Script Monogram Journal

    Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace

    Thomas Bracelet: Wood With Gold Skull

    Personalized Gold Edged Ring Dish

    Bachelorette / Bachelor Party Gifts

    As the last “blow-out” event of a bride or groom’s single days, the emphasis here is on fun and friends.  Your gifts ought to reflect this. Depending on the cost sharing arrangement for this last party, your gift may have already been given – helping to pay for the event itself – a Las Vegas weekend can get pricey.  If a gift is in order, gifts related to the honeymoon or travel are always welcome.  These gifts can be priced all-over-the-place, but the ones I’ve noted range from $20 to $55.

    Monogram Trucker Hat

    Personalized Moroccan Hanging Cosmetic Bag

    Personalized Turkish Cotton Robe

    Dalmatian Dot Tote – Black on White

    Personalized Black Travel Dopp Kit

    Personalized Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag

    The Force Awakens 3 Pair Socks Gift Set

    Personalized Men’s Black Travel Tie Case

    Canvas Weekend Bag with Pink Stripe

    There you have it – our selection of great quality gifts that are as nice to give as they are to receive.  Party on and get gifting.